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Mietke, with gilded lid decoration, spiral-turned stand
  After 1667 anon, painted case, spiral-turned walnut stand
1667 Anon, walnut-lined keywell

  Mietke, with lid painting after Claude
Mietke keywell, walnut-lined
  Donzelague, with chinoiserie decoration by Angie Maddigan
After Donzelague 1711, with typical Flemish-style decoration

  After Donzelague 1711, with marbled case, and table stand with spiral turned legs in walnut
After Mietke, with chinoiserie decoration to case and lid

  Detail of keywell of Mietke with chinoiserie case decoration
Italian marbled case
  Goermans/Taskin with painted & gilded scheme and cabriole stand after Taskin 1769
After Goermans/Taskin with landscape after Claude   After Mietke, with gilded decoration after Couchet
Italian harpsichord with painted and decorated case   Detail of Italian case decoration
After Mietke, with lid painting after Canaletto   Detail of Canaletto lid painting
Donzelague with gilded lid decoration in chinoiserie style with parrots.   Italian harpsichord after Boni 1612, cypress case, short and broken octave with extended bass.
Harpsichord after French 1667 anon, case in solid walnut.   French 1667 anon, soundboard decoration.
Harpsichord after the anonymous, possibly Austrian, instrument from c.1680, part of the Courtauld Institute's Collection, London.
  Courtauld harpsichord. A special commission, made in walnut and spruce, with ebony and mother-of-pearl keyboard.