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This is a recording made in Norwich in March '99, featuring five of my instruments, played by Gary Cooper.  The programme, detailed here, was carefully selected to match suitable music to each instrument.

'Probably the best keyboardist around at the moment'
Early Music Review, October '99

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Italian virginals after ‘Queen Elizabeth’s virginals’
Antonio de CABEZON (1510-1566)
Fabordon del Primer Ton
William BYRD (1535/40?-1623)
The Bells

Italian harpsichord, after anon. undated

Michelangelo ROSSI (1601/2-1656)
Toccata VII
Benedetto MARCELLO (1686-1739)
Andante & Presto

French Spinet, after Goujon, Paris 1753
Jean-Henry d’ANGLEBERT (1635-1691)
Prelude, Gaillarde et Double, Chaconne

German double-manual harpsichord, after Mietke, Berlin c. 1710
Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue, BWV 903

French double-manual harpsichord, after Goermans / Taskin, Paris 1764 / 1783
Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace ROYER (1705-1755)
L’Incertaine, L’Aimable, Le Vertigo